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Independently develop customer order management system and Feiyu warehouse management system

Our Signature Customer OMS Software Provides and FlyingFish WMS Software Provides


Optimal Warehousing Function

The system will determine the nearest shipping warehouse based on the delivery address and reduce the shipping cost

Order Cut Operation In The Library

Orders can be cancelled before they are shipped and loaded

Real-Time Inventory Update

Real-time update of inventory in the library, reducing calculation time and reducing oversell orders

Open Docking API

It is possible to connect to other APIs through our system, which is diversified and not restricted by a single API

Logistics Provider Docking

The system has a logistics column, which will update the logistics status of the order in real time. You can also check the logistics in batches directly in the system. You don’t need to go to the official website to check

Streamlined, Real-Time, And Transparent Financial Bills

The expenses incurred in EOS can be found directly in the system, making the expenses transparent and public

More Software Features

Independent research and development of OMS, WMS system
Order processing automation
Standardization of warehouse operation process
Paperless operation
Big data analysis
Warehouse PDA operation


  • 1. Independent research and development of OMS, WMS system
  • 2. Order processing automation
  • 3. Paperless operation
  • 4. Optimal warehousing function
  • 5. Order cut operation in the library
  • 6. Real-time inventory update
  • 7. Big data analysis
  • 8. Open docking API
  • 9. Docking with logistics providers, real-time logistics query
  • 10. Docking with shipping companies
  • 11. Streamlined, real-time, and transparent financial bills



Comparing with the advantages of peers

EOS Other overseas warehouses
Order cut function in the library Without
Order processing automation Without
Real-time inventory update Without
Streamlined, real-time, and transparent financial bills Without



Compared with the disadvantages of peers

EOS Other overseas warehouses
Without Diversified payment methods
Without Simple operation interface
Without The final service is perfect and timely
Without Incomplete service of head and accessories

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