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The system will provide location information on the PDA based on the product, and warehouse personnel will use a forklift to find products based on the location. The forklift can help the warehouse to safely take it out of the huge high-rise shelves in the shortest time; standardized operations can solve complex analysis Picking and conveying, to realize the delivery of these products to the designated location in the shortest time.
EOS currently has overseas warehouses in the four states of CA (430,000 square feet), NJ (70,000 square feet), TX (200,000 square feet), and GA (100,000 square feet). The warehouse capacity of 7 football fields, the annual throughput of the warehouse is between 5000-8000 cabinets, the warehouse is fast and can meet the huge shipping volume.
Transit warehouse means that the seller stores part of the goods in a third-party overseas warehouse in the United States. When Amazon FBA needs to replenish the goods, the overseas warehouse will transport the goods to the designated Amazon FBA warehouse, which is the transit service provided by the third-party overseas warehouse. , It has more advantages in terms of transportation timeliness and cost. Generally, there are two fees for FBA transit warehouse: service fee and FBA replenishment fee. Transit warehouses need to charge sellers a certain transit service fee, that is, the cost of goods sent from overseas warehouses to FBA warehouses, including labor costs and delivery fees; replenishment fees are the costs of sending goods from China to overseas warehouses. As a warehouse replenishment, it includes transportation, customs clearance, and labor costs. Amazon sellers mainly choose according to their actual situation.
We have a strong land freight fleet and are committed to finding the ideal cargo space for your cargo. Even in the event of an emergency, we can respond quickly to ensure the timeliness and reliability of cargo delivery. With our efficient land transportation integration services, we can provide you with the most favorable prices for your transportation throughout Europe. We also operate a large transport fleet, offering a variety of options from transport trucks to large trailers, including tarpaulin trucks, box trucks and curtain side trailers. Our road transport platform has screened and reviewed all transporters to ensure that we provide customers with transport services with the highest quality standards and best pricing, as well as the transparency of services and the efficiency of communication. We can also provide door-to-door services, including delivery and packaging, palletizing, labeling and customs clearance. You can check the status of your goods at any time through the SPOT supply chain management platform, and download all important transportation documents.

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